To make strategic decisions in retail, sales records alone are not enough. Large retailers often lack solid criteria for comparison beyond sales figures. A key parameter to consider is the store's conversion rate, which measures the fraction of visitors who actually make purchases. By analyzing this data, store owners can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to improve their sales and overall performance.

What knowledge do your compatitors have about which you don’t know?

At first glance, a people counter may seem unnecessary, but monitoring and controlling inbound traffic is essential for effective management decisions. With WaveCount, you can:

  • Determine the conversion rate of visitors to customers
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising activities
  • Optimize staff deployment and improve customer service
  • Make informed short- and long-term plans based on accurate data.

To stay competitive, it is crucial to leverage technology and smart solutions. Implementing people counting technology, such as WaveCount, can help define KPIs, modify business strategies, and improve overall success. Here are four key advantages of using WaveCount for gaining insights into sales strategies and effectively handling business challenges.

To obtain the conversion rate, which is the percentage of total sales to the number of visitors, accurate inbound traffic data is crucial. Some may prioritize only the number of sales, but to grow your business, you need to increase the fraction of visitors who make purchases. Sales data alone is not enough to improve your business as the number of customers can vary on different days, weeks, months, and years. The WaveCount provides valuable data that can help you understand customer behavior and make informed decisions to enhance your business.

Conversion rate

In the current market, chain stores rely heavily on advertising to attract customers, yet there is no proper criterion to measure the effectiveness of such activities. Many believe that sales are the only reliable indicator of success, but this approach overlooks the indirect nature of advertising. While ads may lead to more visits, it is increased inbound traffic that actually boosts sales, and the effectiveness of an advertising campaign can only be measured by the conversion rate.
For instance, a marketing campaign may successfully drive more visitors to a store, but if the conversion rate remains the same, sales will not increase. Thus, it is crucial to consider inbound traffic data as a key parameter in evaluating advertising effectiveness. Managers who invest in advertising without measuring inbound traffic data may make costly strategic decisions based on incomplete information.
To address this issue, technology such as people counting systems can provide valuable insights to improve decision-making. Managers who use such tools to measure inbound traffic and conversion rates will be better equipped to assess the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and make informed decisions to boost sales.

Reasonable monitoring of advertising activities

Effective employee management to meet demands

Managing labor is crucial for large shops since it accounts for the most significant portion of the total cost. Reducing the number of employees may not increase profits, but instead decrease them. To deploy employees effectively, managers must understand the relationship between the number of employees and the conversion rate. Inbound traffic data provides insight into when the number of employees should increase or decrease, allowing for optimal staffing. Additionally, this data can be used as a criterion to reward employees for their service and increase their motivation to engage in more effective interactions with customers.

Foresight in decisions

Effective management requires making informed decisions based on measurable criteria. Data can be compared and analyzed to make better plans for the future. The WaveCount provides a quantitative history of events, allowing managers to make better decisions about labor management, advertising activities, and sales strategies. By using the data provided by the WaveCount, managers can make more informed decisions that lead to better outcomes and increased competitiveness.

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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