The primary objective of commercial centers is to attract a large number of customers. Generally, commercial malls follow a strategy that involves creating an appealing space with popular brands to attract more customers. The ultimate goal is to increase inbound traffic, as malls are more attractive when they have a higher volume of visitors. Therefore, store owners in such malls tend to negotiate longer rental agreements to secure space in more desirable shopping centers. To monitor and control these commercial malls, owners require a measurable criterion. Given that inbound traffic is critical to the survival of a commercial center, its measurement can provide valuable insights into the center's performance.

Accurate and reliable inbound traffic data is essential for effective commercial mall management. To achieve this, our team has adopted state-of-the-art technology and offers the WaveCount Service, which provides accurate data and technical support. Our WaveCount system has an accuracy rate of over 93% for a density of 3 people per unit area and over 99% for one person per unit area, making it a highly reliable source of data. By utilizing our advanced technology and reliable service, commercial mall owners can gain valuable insights into their mall's performance and make informed decisions to improve the customer experience and increase revenue.

People counting system for shopping centers

Obtaining a clear and concise understanding of small changes in visitor traffic through shopping malls on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis is crucial for effective management. However, many shopping centers still rely on outdated and unreliable technologies, such as counting the number of cars entering the parking lot and multiplying it by a constant factor or manual counting by security guards. These methods are impractical for several reasons:

  • The individuals responsible for manual counting may be distracted by other tasks, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • It may be impossible to record data over short intervals during busy periods.
  • Importing and managing data in Excel can be time-consuming.
  • The task of manual counting can be tedious, leading to errors over time.

Therefore, shopping centers should consider more advanced technologies, such as automated visitor counting systems, to accurately and efficiently track visitor traffic.

WaveCount Contributions

Managing operational costs is just as important as generating income for commercial malls. These centers incur significant expenses in order to function properly, and implementing optimizations is critical to managing costs effectively. Accurate data on inbound traffic is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal.
By analyzing traffic flow data, the center's manager can make informed decisions on optimizing operational costs. For example, they can adjust staffing levels based on the number of visitors at different times during the day or week. They can also adjust heating, air conditioning, and lighting to align with the flow of visitors, resulting in significant energy savings.
Furthermore, analyzing traffic flow data can help identify areas of the mall that experience high foot traffic and may require additional maintenance or cleaning. By addressing these areas, the center can provide a better customer experience while minimizing the cost of maintenance.

Management of operational cost

By analyzing traffic patterns and identifying areas with high visitor density, managers can strategically plan security patrols and allocate resources more efficiently. This can help to minimize operational costs while improving the overall safety and security of the shopping center.
In addition, the data can be used to identify areas with low visitor density, which may require additional security measures to prevent theft or other security breaches. By utilizing inbound traffic data to inform security decisions, managers can create a safer and more secure environment for visitors and staff alike.

Security management

Accurate inbound traffic data can also be used to help set rents for stores within a shopping center. By analyzing traffic patterns and average stay times in different locations throughout the center, managers can gain insights into the popularity and desirability of each area.
This information can be used to determine the fair market value of each store's location, allowing for more reasonable and fair rent agreements between the owner of the commercial center and the shop owners. By basing rents on data-driven insights, both parties can make more informed decisions and negotiate more effectively.
Furthermore, using inbound traffic data to set rents can help attract new tenants to the shopping center. Prospective tenants are often interested in data that demonstrates the potential for high foot traffic and sales, and having accurate and reliable data can help the commercial center stand out as an attractive option.

Stores rent management

Providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience for customers is essential to the success of a shopping center. To achieve this goal, managers must have a deep understanding of visitor behavior and preferences. People counting systems play a critical role in helping managers gain this insight.
By analyzing traffic flow data, managers can identify areas of the shopping center that are crowded versus those that are less crowded. This information can be used to take measures to improve the customer experience, such as adjusting the layout of the shopping center to reduce congestion in crowded areas or adding additional seating areas to encourage visitors to linger and enjoy their surroundings.

 Customer experience

Shopping centers often have specific locations that are highly suitable for advertising purposes. By having comprehensive and accurate inbound traffic data, mall owners can generate additional revenue by attracting advertisers to these locations. By analyzing traffic flows and the length of time visitors spend in certain areas of the mall, managers can gain deeper insights into the most valuable advertising spaces within the center. By utilizing this traffic data, managers can approach potential advertisers with valuable insights and make compelling offers to maximize revenue. Overall, accurate traffic data plays a crucial role in helping commercial centers generate additional revenue through advertising.

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