WaveCount is a compact and lightweight device designed for people counting, weighing approximately 100 grams with a cylindrical shape of 134mm diameter and 40mm height. It can be mounted on a stand or attached to walls or ceilings with a recommended height of 2.5-4 meters, and up to 7 meters. Check out the example of WaveCount in action at Iran Mall's Jeanswest store with two entrances, one 9.5 meters and the other 7 meters wide. Any entrance with a width greater than 5 meters requires two devices for accurate counting.

Our team has installed 200+ devices in various locations across the country.

WaveCount Specifications

Net /Gross weight100g / 1200g
Device dimention134mm (φ) x 40mm (H)
Package dimention230mm (W) x 230mm (D) x 110mm (H)
Case Plastic PLA
Privacy protectingTotally anonymous person detection. wavecount is not a camera.
Sensor TypeAdvanced mmWave radar technology
Operating Frequency 60Ghz
Data Refresh Rate 1 hour
Machine Power <10W
Voltage Input5v ~ 15V for RS-485 version
Installation options can be installed on a sidewall, or ceiling at a height of 2.5-5m
Counting accuracyUp to 99% detection of one person per 1 m2, and >93% for crowded areas with 3 persons per 1 m2
Detecting area 10m range, 120° viewing angle (100m2)
Internet connection WiFi 2.4 GHz/WPA2-PSK/WPA2-ENTERPRISE
Storage & Backup Micro SD card 16GB (enough for storage of one month of counting data)
Operating Temperature-20 ° C ~ 50 ° C

Technical Specifications