Many business owners and managers do not have a logical and accurate criterion for comparing and analyzing their business effectiveness. The transaction is definitely one of the important parameters for each organization, however, it is more critical to have deep insight into how many customers visiting your space have made purchases. In other words, understand the conversion rate.
With WaveCount service you can gather and analyze customer traffic data which can create value in terms of revenue and business efficiency and generate crucial insights that drive sales, improve conversion rates, and make data-based marketing decisions.

People counting system for retail stores

  • Gain insights into your performance to boost your conversion rates and make more profits.
  • Staffing your business most effectively to ensure you have the staff you need to provide a positive experience for your customers.
  • Predict customer traffic more accurately and efficiently based on the previous people counting data.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of each of your promotional activities.

Your retail store's success depends upon your ability to apply up-to-date and smart technology.  WaveCount is a leading-edge technology that provides highly accurate data which can be used to identify KPIs and helps managers and business owners to address their business issues.
To gain a better understanding of sales strategies, recognizing the reasons behind the problems and providing appropriate solutions to remedy the situation, it would be required to investigate four major benefits of customer counting devices for sores.

Optimize your marketing strategies

Sales Conversion rate

Staffing business effectively

Make well-informed decision

The “Conversion Rate” is defined as the total number of sales to the number of customers which is generally expressed as a percentage. The calculation of this parameter is not possible unless the accurate number of customers is known.
Many business owners and managers are of the opinion that the sale rate is the key parameter for evaluating the business effectiveness; however, it is more critical to have deep insight into how many customers visiting your space have made purchases. To reach your business goals and enhance business growth, you need to understand your sales rate while taking your traffic trends into consideration.

Nowadays, many business owners and managers run ads and promotions to increase traffic to their store. However, there may not be a clear criterion for analyzing the success of their events and campaigns. One of the best ways to evaluate the effectiveness of each of your promotional activities is to figure out the number of customers who visit your store. When no increment in customer traffic is seen after you run an ad, you should apparently rethink the campaign for better results.
Most of the time advertising activities come at a huge cost and if the managers don't have an appropriate way to analyze efficiency of their marketing strategies, not only it may not derive sales and improve conversion rate, but also it may lead the business to financial losses.

A successful manager is one who can make the right and well-informed decisions. Therefore, managers desperately need to set reasonable and measurable factors to quantify the business issues. When data is available to managers quantitatively, it is comparable and becomes a reliable basis to make informed and smarter business decisions. WaveCount is the smartest way to quantify the most important business parameters.

Labor costs are the major expenses of almost all establishments, so it is very crucial to have good staff management. Decreasing the number of staff not only does not increase your profitability but it may also have an adverse effect on your amount of sales. For staffing your business space more effectively, it would be needed to gain insight into the relation between the number of staff and the conversion rate. Managers can optimize staff allocation in accordance to the number of visitors and the peak hours, based on the accurate data provided by WaveCount. This data would be also beneficial for evaluating the staff performance and encouraging them to interact more effectively with customers to build customer loyalty.

Accurately counting and
monitoring customer traffic is vital to evaluating and improving your business’ performance.

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