Iran produces the best leather in the world. Iranian leather has been exported abroad as a raw material over the years. The first Mashhad Leather store was launched about twenty-five years ago to offer high-quality products. Today, Mashhad Leather has become one of the major Iranian leather providers in light of effort and customer orientation. Mashhad Leather has launched sixty stores across Iran so that customers from every city in Iran can purchase high-quality products from Mashhad Leather.

About Client

  • Accurate knowledge of inbound traffic in each store and the accumulation of data in all the stores within a specialized data dashboard for the analysis and comparison of stores
  • The conversion rate of each store was calculated by combining financial and traffic data
  • A conversion rate baseline was defined based on the location of each store to warn the managers of the stores whose performance was below the baseline
  • The high-traffic days and times were identified, and the non-sale responsibilities of the managers were decided to be fulfilled at non-high-traffic times.
  • Employee coordination to increase the number of employees at high-traffic hours, which improved the conversion rate and raised sales
  • Most of the stores with poor performance could improve their conversion rates to the average level after a couple of weeks
  • The overall performance of the system improved after a few months, increasing the average conversion rate
  • The monitoring of stores was facilitated, making it possible to monitor any number of stores
  • The system made it possible to measure advertising effectiveness and analyze customer behavior
  • Store managers and employees were motivated by modifying the reward criteria


Today, retail companies need system smartization so they can survive in the competitive market. They won’t be able to survive in the competition if they don’t exploit technology to improve their systems. In fact, it’s agility that helps survive in the competition, not system largeness. The monitoring of 60 stores (which will be more in the future) requires system smartization so that proper steps could be taken in the future. System smartization needs KPIs to have a reasonable criterion for monitoring. The first step in this regard is using accurate inbound traffic data. It is necessary to implement the right people counting system because an inefficient system would waste time and cost. Therefore, accuracy and technical support are essential parameters of a people counting system.



Step 1: Using WaveCount for a few stores for one month on a pilot test
Step 2: Purchasing annual WaveCount services for all Mashhad Leather stores across Iran