Iran is well-known for producing the finest leather in the world. Although Iranian leather has been exported as raw material for many years, Mashhad Leather opened its first store 25 years ago to offer high-quality leather products. Thanks to its dedication to customer satisfaction and hard work, Mashhad Leather has now become one of the top leather providers in Iran. With 60 stores across the country, customers from any Iranian city can now easily access Mashhad Leather's high-quality products.

About Client

  • Accurate inbound traffic data was collected for each store and stored in a specialized data dashboard for analysis and comparison.
  • The conversion rate of each store was calculated by combining financial and traffic data to provide a clear picture of store performance.
  • A conversion rate baseline was established based on the store's location, and managers of stores with below-baseline performance were alerted.
  • High-traffic days and times were identified, and non-sales responsibilities were scheduled for non-peak times.
  • Employee coordination was implemented to increase staff numbers during high-traffic hours, leading to improved conversion rates and sales.
  • Most stores with poor performance were able to improve their conversion rates to the average level within a couple of weeks.
  • The overall performance of the system improved over a few months, resulting in an increase in the average conversion rate.
  • Store monitoring was made easier, allowing for the tracking of any number of stores.
  • The system enabled the measurement of advertising effectiveness and customer behavior analysis.
  • Modifying the reward criteria motivated store managers and employees to improve their store's performance.


In today's competitive market, retail companies must embrace system smartization to survive. The key to success lies in agility, not system largeness, and technology is the best way to improve systems. With 60 stores already in operation and more planned for the future, it's essential to have a smart system that can monitor and make informed decisions. This requires setting up KPIs to measure performance and using accurate inbound traffic data as a benchmark. Choosing the right people counting system is critical as an inefficient system will waste time and cost. Therefore, accuracy and technical support are essential parameters to consider when selecting a people counting system. By using a reliable system, retail companies can make data-driven decisions, streamline their operations, and stay ahead of the competition.



Step 1: Using WaveCount for a few stores for one month on a pilot test
Step 2: Purchasing annual WaveCount services for all Mashhad Leather stores across Iran