Queue Managment

Queue management system is extremely vital for retails and shopping centers. Many business owners and managers do not pay attention to the importance of managing checkout lines and they focus on attracting more and more customers to the store.In practice, the better experience and higher level of satisfaction customers have, the higher customer visit may achieve. Therefore, it is paramount to decrease your queue lengths and customer waiting times to provide a better customer experience.
It is considered that when your customers join the queue, a sale is guaranteed. However, if they have to wait in line for a long period of time, a negative opinion about your store and services will be formed in their mind. Long waiting times and disorganized quenes can lead to customer frustration and annoyance and in some instances can even completely put people off joining the queue without making a purchase and make them decide not to return to your store. Therefore, Queue Management Technology comes very practical in businesses that deal with the huge number of customers every day such as banks, hypermarkets, shopping malls etc. WaveCount technology offers businesses a cutting-edge system in order to boost their queue management and to assure that every customer who joins a queue makes it to the counter.

Queue Managment

With the help of Queue Management System, quickly gain insights into queue time & length in your business space and create an optimal customer experience. WaveCount can calculate the average time your customers spend waiting at checkout queues and also specify if the number of people  in a queue exceeds a certain limit, so you can adjust the number of cash registers and allocate your staff more effectively. The Queue Management System helps you to identify your busiest time to avoid overcrowded checkout queues and improve customer satisfaction and avoid revenue losses. A satisfied customer with a pleasant/comfortable purchase experience is more likely to recommend your store to friends and family members.

Queue Managment System

Key Benefits of using WaveCount for Queue Management

Optimize the customer experience and service counters
Minimize Queue Waiting Times
Improve customer experience
Increased profits
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
Optimize staff allocation

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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It is completely obvious that getting a clear picture of your store traffic over time (hourly, daily, weekly and yearly), enables you to make informed and smart business decisions. WaveCount provides the number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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