Our team has developed WaveCount with people counting functionality using mmWave radar technology, which offers industry-leading accuracy. This advanced technology can assist retail stores and shopping malls in enhancing profitability, increasing sales, and driving long-term brand relevance.
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WaveCount was founded in 2018 with the purpose of boosting sales in retail stores and shopping malls. Our objective is to provide precise and dependable information that assists managers in adapting their strategies to cater to customers' demands and expand their enterprises. 

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An accurate people counting service.

Our services

Clear visibility of your store traffic over time (hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly) is undoubtedly vital to making informed and intelligent business decisions. With WaveCount, you can accurately count the number of people entering your business space and gain valuable insights into customer traffic and visitor activities.

By measuring everything, you gain the power to manage anything.

Are you aware of how many customers enter your business, how long they wait in line, and which areas attract the most foot traffic? These are all valuable insights that can be provided to help you tailor your strategies to better meet your customers' needs.


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Shopping Malls

Measurable metrics are essential for controlling and managing different zones in shopping malls. By analyzing your customers' traffic, you can gain detailed analytics and insights into your business performance, enabling you to take control and make informed decisions.

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Retail Stores

While the sales rate is undoubtedly a crucial metric for any organization, understanding the number of visitors to your space who make purchases is even more critical. In other words, it's essential to have insights into your conversion rate.

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Keeping tabs on customer traffic is crucial for assessing and enhancing the performance of your business.

How much do you desire to expand your customer base? WaveCount provides invaluable insights into your customers and expands your knowledge of ways to increase sales and profitability. Our service helps you grasp opportunities and make informed decisions.

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Success is the sum of small steps taken consistently and with determination.

Our Vision

Running a successful business involves numerous parameters, making it seemingly impossible to comprehend every aspect. However, taking small steps is crucial to achieving significant success. If you want to streamline your business and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your strategies, WaveCount offers the most convenient, cost-effective, and intelligent solution to adjust your strategies and grasp growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Our unwavering focus is on delivering top-notch services and providing you with the most valuable data.

To maximize profitability, it's essential to identify and analyze customer behavior. WaveCount accurately tracks the number of people entering and exiting your business over time, providing valuable insights for optimizing performance.

Experience the utmost accuracy in traffic data measurement with WaveCount's cutting-edge technology, utilizing advanced mmWave radar technology at 60Ghz.

Cutting-edge technology


WaveCount stands out from its competitors with its exceptional feature of a dedicated and highly qualified support team, who take full responsibility for the accuracy of the output data. We prioritize providing data that is tailored to your business needs and goals.

Unmatched Accuracy

WaveCount boasts unparalleled accuracy, with a detection rate of up to 99% for a single person per 1 m2 and over 93% accuracy in crowded areas with 3 persons per 1 m2. As a result, the output data generated by WaveCount is highly reliable.
Gain valuable insights into crucial business metrics with our dedicated dashboards, granting access to statistical and analytical reports. With our data dashboard, you can stay in control of your business performance from anywhere, at any time.

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Gain valuable insights into customer traffic and visitor behavior with WaveCount, accurately tracking the number of people entering your business space.

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Why Count?

Fierce competition, expensive operations costs, and logistical demands are continuously evolving and make the business conditions more and more complicated.. In this way, businesses are required to make accurately informed decisions to guarantee their success.

The Evolution of people counting device

People counting systems have been welcomed in the world for about two decades. Over the years, according to the needs of the businesses, the people counting technology has gradually become more complete, updated and highly accurate.

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