The Diplomat Center, located in Borujerd, Lorestan Province, is a prominent mall in Western Iran with the aim of expanding beyond the city. The mall attracts visitors from neighboring provinces and cities, including Arak, Khorramabad, Hamedan, Malayer, and Nahavand. Established in the summer of 2019, the Diplomat Center hosts well-known brands such as Jeanswest, Mashhad Leather, and Kia Gallery. In addition to the stores, the mall features an amusement park, food court, multi-theater cinema, and hypermarket, providing a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience for visitors.

About Client

WaveCount revealed the ineffectiveness of traditional people counting techniques, enabling the Diplomat Center to identify its capacity with accurate inbound traffic data at various time intervals. This allowed for measurable and controllable steps to increase visitor numbers and a reasonable criterion to monitor advertising activities. The results include:
  • Accurate evaluation of advertising effectiveness
  • Recognition of traditional people counting drawbacks
  • Acquisition of precise hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly inbound traffic data
  • Reduction of operational costs by optimizing employee numbers, air conditioning, and heating systems based on traffic patterns


The Diplomat Center in Borujerd faced significant challenges due to the absence of reliable data on the number of visitors, forcing them to rely on traditional techniques to estimate footfall. Additionally, the lack of a robust people counting system made it impossible to define quantitative indicators for monitoring advertising activities. In summary, the key challenges were:



Deploying WaveCount at all the gates of the shopping center to accurately count visitors

  • Absence of accurate visitor data
  • Dependence on traditional footfall estimation techniques
  • Lack of a reliable criterion for monitoring advertising activities.