Why count?

It is crucial to accurately count and monitor incoming customers in order to evaluate and improve your business performance. The extremely competitive environment, intelligent monitoring, supply chain operational costs, and market demand are continuously changing; hence, it is required that businesses make wise decisions to ensure their success.

The counting and monitoring of visitors provide valuable information to enhance your business; how many people pass through your shop gates, where they go, how long they stand in the queue for services, and the pedestrian traffic are important data that enable you to wisely plan and execute current and future business strategies.

Business managers seek to attract more and more customers through investment. How do you seek to use smart investment and increase the attraction of potential customers? The counting and monitoring of incoming customer traffic enable you to collect the data of the customers and make them purchasers while learning how to have your customers come for a revisit.

Advantages of WaveCount

Accurate knowledge of the conversion rate

As a CEO at a retail company, how would you compare your stores in performance? Would a store with fewer sales necessarily be judged as having poor performance? Do all of your stores have the same number of visitors? How do you ensure that the locations that you have chosen for your stores are still efficient? If you realize that a store has had poor performance and you are going to make decisions to improve its performance, how would to reasonably monitor the changes?
You need to define key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business to obtain a realistic understanding of its performance. The conversion rate (the ratio of visitors to the number of transactions) is a KPI. To calculate the conversion rate, you need to use accurate data of inbound traffic. WaveCount provides very accurate inbound traffic data.

The number of employees in a store used to be determined based on its transaction history within the past year. Is there a more smart way to deploy employees in a store? Do you have the same number of customers during the day or week? How satisfied are customers at peak hours in the store? Are these many employees required at off-peak hours? When and how many days can employees take a leave of absence?
To adapt the assigned employees of a store, you need to have good knowledge of its traffic patterns. This helps maximize your customers and minimize costs. To obtain accurate knowledge of inbound traffic, you need a people counter. The WaveCount people counter provides accurate data of traffic patterns.

An accurate plan to deploy employees in the stores

You need to implement several advertising activities to increase your sails. How do you measure the effectiveness of your advertising activities? Do you know to what extent the advertising investments contribute to the growth of your business? Do you know the right period of time for your advertising activities?
To monitor your advertising activities, you need a visitor history and conversion rate. Then, you can compare advertising activities using pre- and post-advertising data. The first step is obtaining an accurate understanding of the inbound traffic. The WaveCount people counter enables a better monitoring of advertising activities. Also, the accurate knowledge of inbound traffic patterns based on the store location and sales data could help managers make better decisions and enhance their businesses.

Effective assessment of advertising and marketing activities

Business owners need to reasonably analyze their stores. Compare your stores through measurable inbound traffic data, conversion rate, costs, incomes, and total profit.

Reasonable performance comparison of stores

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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