People counting systems have been embraced in the past two years across the world. with their technology being evolved. Each new generation of people counting systems handled the drawbacks of the previous generations. The gradual accumulation of knowledge over the years enabled business managers to obtain accurate traffic data.

Evolution of People Counters

Infrared-based people counters are installed at the gates of shops. They have a transmitter and a receiver, and infrared beams are emitted horizontally. The count rises by one every time the beam is interrupted. This is the simplest way to count people. However, major errors exist, including:

Infrared-based people counters

  • Incoming and outgoing people can’t be differentiated,
  • It can’t detect a group of people that walk in simultaneously,
  • Those who change their minds at the gate and walk back are counted twice, and
  • Those who talk near the gate of the shop are counted mistakenly if the beams are interrupted.

Thermal sensor-based people counters

Thermal imaging sensor people counting systems are installed on top of the shop gate. It detects and counts anything whose temperature is different from the ambient temperature. These systems are inaccurate when the weather is unstable.

2D video people counters

2D video people counters use an imaging device and detect motion. Their advantages include a relatively wide field of view (90°) to count people in a wide area. However, they require high light conditions and a uniform background and can’t operate effectively under poor light conditions, shadows, or non-uniform backgrounds.

For example, the system couldn’t properly detect an object when the object and background have similar colors. Besides, these cameras are effectively only at short ranges (1-2 m from the sensor), and the field of view is not wide enough (45-60°C). 3D counting systems can effectively cover a maximum area of only 4 m2.

3D people counter (two cameras)

3D people counting systems handle the drawbacks of 2D counting systems by using two cameras. Two cameras enable the observation of the depth and the filtration of straight objects such as shadows. Although 3D people counters have been a significant step, there are still some disadvantages; if the images of two cameras have insufficient contrast, the detection algorithms become inefficient.

Radar technology is a promising solution that provides accurate inbound traffic data. This technology has long been used to track a variety of objects, such as airplanes and vessels. The commercial variant of radar technology called mmWave became publically available in 2019. It has a frequency range of 60 GHz and can track objects with a precision of 5 mm.

WaveCount is different from the earlier generations as it can effectively detect moving objects. The radar sensor of WaveCount emits radio waves and receives signals reflected by objects. The use of imaginary lines allows for counting visitors at maximum accuracy. Besides, WaveCount remains effective in the presence of poor or no light (such as under smoke and dusty conditions). It enjoys a very wide field of view (120°) and covers a large area of over 100 m2.

We developed WaveCount in 2019 to not only deal with the shortcomings of the previous generations of people counting systems but also obtain accurate traffic data. Our technical team will be glad to answer every question about the WaveCount.

WaveCount (radar technology-mmWave sensor)

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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