Why count in shopping centers?

Commercial centers aim to attract a maximum number of customers, and their strategy revolves around creating an attractive space with renowned brands to increase inbound traffic. Store owners prefer to negotiate longer rental agreements for popular shopping centers that attract more visitors. The more appealing a mall, the higher the inbound traffic. Therefore, commercial centers prioritize creating an appealing atmosphere with popular brands to attract more customers and increase store owners' rental agreement lengths

Commercial mall owners require a reliable metric to monitor and control the performance of their malls. Inbound traffic is a critical factor for the success of a commercial center and measuring it can provide valuable insights into its performance.

It is essential to monitor gradual changes in inbound traffic patterns, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, to enable efficient management of a commercial mall. However, many centers still rely on outdated and unreliable practices, such as manual counting by security personnel or counting vehicles and multiplying by a factor.

Accurate and reliable inbound traffic data is crucial. Our team employs cutting-edge technology, and we offer the WaveCount Service to obtain precise data, along with technical support. The accuracy rate of our WaveCount service is over 93% for a density of three people per unit area and over 99% for one person per unit area, providing dependable data.

WaveCount Contributions

Managing operational costs is crucial for any business to ensure profitability. Commercial malls are no exception, as they incur significant expenses to maintain proper functioning. To manage costs effectively, optimizations must be implemented. Accurate data on inbound traffic is essential in achieving this goal. Through deep insight into visitor traffic at different times, the mall manager can make informed decisions to optimize operational costs. These costs may include expenses for employees, heating, air conditioning, lighting, and even maintenance for every 1000 visitors.

Management of operational cost

Traffic data provides valuable insights for planning security patrols in specific areas of a commercial center. This approach not only reduces operational costs but also enhances security for the targeted number of visitors.

Security management of commercial malls

Accurate inbound traffic data for each floor and the average stay time in each location can help set store rents more reasonably. This benefits both the commercial center owner and the shop owners, making decision-making easier.

Reasonable management of store rents

To attract customers, shopping centers must create a pleasant environment. People counting systems can aid managers in understanding visitor behavior by identifying busy and less busy areas and taking steps to improve the shopping experience.

Provide a pleasurable experience to customers

Increase your income

Certain areas within a shopping center are ideal for advertising, and having precise inbound traffic data can generate revenue. By understanding the traffic flow and dwell times of specific areas, center managers can gain insights into prime locations and utilize this information to entice advertisers.

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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