Why count in shopping centers?

Commercial centers mainly seek to attract as many customers as possible. In fact, commercial malls have a general strategy; whatever they do, they do it to create a more appealing space with famous brands and attract more customers. They wish to increase the inbound traffic; a mall is more appealing when it has higher inbound traffic. Hence, store owners develop a greater tendency to negotiate longer rental agreements for more appealing shopping centers.

Commercial mall owners need a measurable criterion to control and monitor commercial malls. Since inbound traffic is vital for the survival of a commercial center, its measurement can provide deep insights into the performance of the center. 

Indeed, it is necessary to monitor gradual changes (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly) for the smart control of a commercial mall. However, many centers still continue to use obsolete, unreliable practices, such as using guarding resources for manual counting during the day or counting vehicles and multiplying it by a factor.

Inbound traffic data must be accurate and reliable. Our team adopted state-of-the-art technology. Besides, we offer the WaveCount Service to obtain accurate data and we provide technical support. Our WaveCount has an accuracy rate of over 93% for a density of 3 people per unit area and over 99% for one person per unit area. Therefore, it yields reliable data.

WaveCount Contributions

The operational cost of a business is as important as its income. Commercial malls need to pay large costs for proper functioning. Thus, it is required to implement optimizations in order to manage the costs. Accurate data on inbound traffic are the most effective way to cut costs.
The manager of the center can make proper decisions on the optimization of operational costs through a deep insight into the traffic flow of visitors at different times during the day or week. The costs include those of employees, heating, air conditioning, lighting, and even slight maintenance for every 1000 visitors.

Management of operational cost

Traffic data can be used to plan security patrols in particular places within the center. This not only minimizes operational costs but also improves security for a given number of visitors.

Security management of commercial malls

The rents of the stores can be more reasonably set using the accurate inbound traffic data of each floor and the average stay time in each location. This helps both the owner of the commercial center and the shop owners make decisions more easily.

Reasonable management of store rents

Shopping centers should provide a pleasurable space to customers so that customers wish to visit the center. A people counting system helps managers understand visitor behavior; for example, by identifying crowded versus non-crowded areas and taking measures to improve the shopping center.

Provide a pleasurable experience to customers

Increase your income

There are places in your shopping center that are very suitable for advertising purposes. You can have earnings by having comprehensive, accurate data on inbound traffic. The traffic flows and staying times in particular locations of a commercial center help obtain deeper insights into the locations, and the manager of the center can exploit traffic data to attract advertisers.

WaveCount provides the accurate number of people entering your business space and gets a deep understanding on customer traffic and visitors activities.

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